Saturday, August 27, 2011


Mr.C.M.BABU,the former Corporate Manager for All CSI schools in Malabar and wayanad filed a suit before the Hon. Ottapalam sub- court against the BISHOP, CSI North kerala Diocese as the first respondent and Rev.Vinod Allen,the newly appointed Corporate Manager as the other respondent.

As everybody know the last executive committee meeting of the CSI North Kerala Diocese held on 20.07.2011 unanimously decided to 'REMOVE'  Mr.Babu and appoint Rev.Allen as the new manager. We understand that there are number of allegations against Mr.Babu, like appointment of his own daughter by denying the claim of others,illegal transfers,illegal appointments,gross negligence in duty,illegal payments to building contractors,operating single signatory bank account(As per CSITA rules operating single signatory account is a criminal offence),maladministration and so on.

The appointment letter for Rev.Vinod Allen was signed and handed over to him by the Bishop.
IN the light of the appointment letter Rev.Allen requested Mr.Babu to come to corporate manager's office on 01.08.2011 to hand over the charges.But unfortunately he didn't turn up.Rev.Allen was compelled to assume charges in the absence of Mr.Babu.He assumed charges in the presence of the former bishop's commissary,many priests,working committee member,number of diocesan council members,office staff,number of church members and the public.            Rev.Allen is functioning full fledged and till today according to our knowledge Mr.Babu has not turned up and handed over records.

He had approached the Hon.High Court of Kerala on 01.08.2011 itself with a complaint against the Bishop that he was removed from the post.But the Hon.High Court dismissed his petition and directed him to approach the concerned civil court.Then a petition No.OS 291/2011 was submitted by him before the Hon.Sub Court of Ottapalam against the 'BISHOP' and the newly appointed Manager The.Rev.Vinod Allen.

This suit was filed to challenge the 'ORDER' passed by the Bishop  who is the Chairman of the Diocese.So the Bishop has to counter the case,defend the arguments by appointing an advocate.That is the process when somebody files cases against the head of the institution.BUT UNFORTUNATELY IT ALSO HAPPENED!!!!!.THE BISHOP NEVER GIVEN A COUNTER AFFIDAVIT IN THIS CASE BUT HELPED THE FORMER MANAGER TO GET AN EX PARTE  INJUNCTION FROM THE COURT.

GOD IS GREAT.ADVOCATE.K.R.GIRI AIYER,the leading advocate of ottapalam courts saved our employees and students of the Corporate Management by interfering in this litigation and helped the newly appointed manager to file the counter affidavit in time without giving room for  ex parte injunction to the former manager.We understand that no instruction was given to the new manager by the Bishop for filing counter affidavit.So it was  the 'NASTY PLAY' of the bishop by not submitting self counter affidavit and also the counter of the new manager.It is crystal clear that The Bishop doesn't like a Management which is 'FREE FROM CORRUPTION,ILLEGALITIES,IRREGULARITIES AND MALADMINISTRATION.IT IS ONE OF HIS DRAMAS TO SABOTAGE THE MANDATE OF THE PEOPLE.

Now,on 27.08.2011 the Hon.Sub Court of Ottapalam 'DISMISSED' the application of Mr.C.M.Babu after hearing both  the sides. As per our constitution the executive committee has full authority to remove a manager when it feels that the continuance of manager is not good for the interest of the schools.

We hatts off and salute- the timely intervention of Advocate.K.R.GIRI AIYER  helped thousands of our students,employees and their families.

csipass workers.


just as I am said...

Thanks CSI PASS for the information.

anil john said...

When GOD is with US who can be against US.

anil john said...

Thank U very much for the SMS messages passed to all at the Right time so that V can Pray in TIME to SAVE CSI CHURCHES

Anonymous said...

Good News for those who lost money in Lesly Master incident

KLJ said...

I heard that he is asking for the verdict of the case so that he can send the request for approval of the new manager.
He did not respond to a case challenges his authority.It became failure by the grace of GOD.
Again he is asking the verdict.He must be beaten up for this mockery job

Jose K. P said...

From this article i understood that the new Ex.Committee expelled the Former Manager before his tenure of one year period on charges of corruptions and misdoings.
Before making such a move
does the new Ex.Committee made an inquiry on these charges?.If so who made the inquiry?.Whether the former manager was given a chance to explain his side?

csipass puthiyara said...

Dear Jose.K.P,
The details of his misdoings were well submitted in the court of Law.That is why the court refused his prayer.
A common citizen can not digest the absence of bishop's advocate in this case.We have never heard in our life that the Head of the Instituition is running away from a litigation filed against his own order.
We wonder that still people are living in this earth to support such Head of the Instituitions.
The fate of the 'JUMBO'case filed by kanakaraj and party to 'cancel' the last elections will be the same.You can not fight with the real verdict passed by the people of the diocese.

Jose K. P said...

"The details of his misdoings were well submitted in the court of Law"
Dear Puthiyara Pass the above is not the desirable model shown by our god almighty when he expelled Adam & Eve from the garden of Eden.Before doing so Adam & Eve were given a Chance to explain.

csipass puthiyara said...

Dear jose,Those who have done injustice to the church and disturbed the poor employees of the corporate management will be punished at any cost.The people of the church have given concurrence to the new leadership to act in accordance with the Laws of the Land.
Mr.C.M.Babu appointed his own daughter bypassing number of candidates,that too candidates who lost their beloved ones and waiting for an appointment as per Law.Till date he has not turned up and hand over the records to the newly appointed manager.Do you want the people of the diocese to put a red carpet for this man? The bishop who is the authority of our education agency did not appoint advocate to defend the case filed by Mr.Babu.Because of the timely intervention of the people of North Kerala Diocese the case became a success in favor of the management.
Mr.Babu challenged the order of the bishop in the court.How can you tolerate both of them? still you are talking about adam and eve,almighty.In a case filed by one Mr.bhagyaraj against the bishop to stay the elections,bishop did not appoint advocate.Prof.Latha John impleaded voluntary on behalf of the people and requested the court to vacate the ex-parte stay.In the case against the administrators in kalpetta court also bishop did not appoint advocate for diocese.
We know this phenomena has happened for the first time in the history of world churches.The superior authority not responding for cases filed against his own ORDERS!!!!!!
Nobody can digest this.

vincent,kozhikode said...

Rev.Paul David was removed from manager post before the completion of his tenure,Rev.Vinod Allen was removed before the one year period when the changes took place in the diocesan level.When a new leadership takes charges in the top level, subsequent changes will take place in all levels.It is a natural process.I am shocked to note that Mr.Babu filed a case with the knowledge of the hon,Bishop and Bishop helped him by giving confidential letters to strengthen his records in the court.The Bishop failed to appoint an advocate also.This is deliberate and cheating the church members and also the executive committee which removed the ex manager and unanimously selected the new manager.
Rev.PAUL DAVID was the person who spoiled the image of the management.Criminal cases must be filed against him also.