Friday, September 2, 2011

Heaven Came down-Gharana the choir.calicut


The Menu : We hope to present a mind boggling variety of sacred group vocal harmonies. Do come for the concert ‘cause we gonna sing for you ‘Traditional four voice hymns’, ‘Negro Spirituals’, ‘Masterwork compositions of Mozart and Handel’, ‘Gospel Bhajan’, ‘Maramon convention songs’, pucca semi-classical devotionals and just for the heck of it, a slice from the evergreen musical, ‘The sound of music’.

The Choir : A lively bunch of 30 odd, high energy performers, who’d luv to move u with their zing n zest! We have as members, ‘doe eyed’ teenagers, ‘no nonsense’ housewives, heads of institutions, Guitar gurus, Planters, Pensioners and professionals from a bewildering variety of fields, which makes ‘Gharana’ a veritable melting pot of creative ideas, cultures, emotions and of course heart stirring devotional music.

The Need : We long to build a warus meaningful relationship with u. We would be deeply touched, if u could support our choral group, Gharana. U could sponsor or co-sponsor our upcoming concert or maybe you would rather make a sincere contribution towards the expenses.

You could, or rather, u should shout out from your rooftops – about our upcoming concert!! But seriously speaking, we want u to bring in ur friends, family and colleagues – using your charisma n social networking skills!

In short, u could be a wonderful brand ambassador, for Gharana!!

If you would love to sing and am mighty thrilled to be a part of the ‘Gharana’ family – please do get in touch with us, we are on the lookout for fresh faces and not to mention refreshing voices!!

Wherever you are, and whatsoever U are doing, kindly spare a bit of your precious time, to pray for us. Also, please do pray for the upcoming ‘Choral Sandhya’ so that, it turns out to be a blessing for one and all!!

We are not by any stretch of imagination, gifted vocalists or professional musicians. We are, simply put, mere instruments in His hands.

You can contact us at

K. Pratap Paul (Choir Director) 9447455909, 0495-2369424

Paul Vijayan (Choir Secretary) 9447379421, 0495-2373630

Samuel Thomas 9349732117, 0495-2383262

Shine Philip

Gharana the choir,


No. 3/435, Pottangady Raghavan Road,

Opposite Aishwarya Villas,

Nadakkavu P.O., Calicut 673011

Gharana the Choir : Members
Choir Director

K. Pratap Paul

1. Minila Rony
2. Sonia Sam
3. Sofie Lukose
4. Merlin Johnson
5. Joycee Edwin
6. Christina Arnold
7. Babitha
8. Gladys Isaac
9. Christin Kuruvilla
10. Ruthmol
11. Edna Pearson
12. Shelina Arnold


1. Mini Sam Furtado
2. Miranda Johnson
3. Mini Pratap
4. Sushma
5. Susan Philip
6. Asha Paul
7. Sishira


1. Paul Vijayan
2. Samuel Thomas
3. Shine Philip
4. Raju K. R.
5. Suneeth Pulikkal
6. Daniel


1. Cherian Abraham
2. Binal Sathyadasan
3. Victor
4. George Simon
5. Edwin
6. Stilson Antony
7. Roshan

Gharana the Choir : Instrumentalists

Keyboard : Ashish Raj [for Malayalam, Hindi, English(pop)]

Georgie [for Classics, Do-re-mi]

Manuel Pratap Paul [Hymns]

Tabla : Sudhas

Violins : Shaju


Rhythm Pad : Shijin Chandran

Bass Guitar : Sanjay

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