Tuesday, September 3, 2013


With great pleasure we inform you that Mr.C.M.Babu(DC MEMBER, and Ex-manager of Malabar schools management,Later expelled by the Executive Committee))and Mr.Aby Abraham(secretary,kunnamkulam CSI CHURCH) and Mr.Rainor Kunieth(DC and PC member.CSI Puthiyara) are suspended from all the elected posts.They misled the Govt.and it badly affected the approval of teachers working in our schools.Rev.Vinod Allen was appointed as the Corporate Manager by the Moderator's Commissary,who has all the powers of the Bishop.But these people sent complaint to the Govt.claiming that Commissary is not a Bishop.They know pretty well that when a Bishop is on long leave or sick as per the constitution The Moderator will appoint another Bishop( From neighboring Diocese)as 'commissary"(Bishop -in -Charge).
But they deliberately confused the Govt.Authorities and questioned the 'Dignity' of this great Church.As a result of this 'Foolish and Childish' activity the approval of number of employees working under the management is pending.They are not getting salaries for long time.The Govt.conducted a hearing on this issue and they were not in a position to open their mouths when the Constitution of CSI was opened.

Mr.Jayachandra Hermon alias Unni,Mr.Sajan Mathew(C.M.Babu's brother),Mr.Rainor Kunieth(DC AND PC member,puthiyara)and Mr.Sushanth Rejinold were the people raised different 'Foolish Complaints with the Govt. Mr.Sushanth did not appear for hearing.Mr.Jacob Mathew alias Rony(functioned as Trichur Schools manager without the decision of Executive Committee,illegally appointed by ex-Bishop K.P.Kuruvila)appeared for Mr.Sajan Mathew.None of them could not justify their versions and the baseless allegations raised against the management.

Mr.Rainor Kunieth and Mr.Sushanth had submitted another confusing complaint with the Regional Deputy Director of Higher Secondary Education ,Calicut and the salaries of few teachers were withhold by 'confusion'.(It was published by leading news papers).The Director from Trivandrum interfered and salaries were released.The teachers Association also interfered in this regard. 

In short the good image of the Management as well as the Diocese is spoiling by their childish activities and the poor employees and their families are struggling.

Nobody can file a single complaint against the present Corporate Manager because he is functioning strictly according to the Kerala Education Rules(Not like Paul David and C.M.Babu Functioned).The department is very happy with his performance and we are gaining very good image among the Govt.Officials,which was totally spoiled by Rev.Paul David and C.M.Babu,the ex-managers).

Now we congratulate the Bishop Fenn and the officers of the Diocese for taking firm decision to remove these persons from the elected posts on a social issue.

Along with the thousands of Church members and the employees we offer our whole heated support to the beloved Bishop and the officers.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Govt.authorities soon realize the childish activities of the above said people and Mr.vinod Allen's approval get cleared at the earliest.