Friday, May 30, 2014

An appeal to Consortium of Christian Minority Higher Educational Institutions,


R.Christodas Gandhi, IAS(Retd),

Former Additional Chief Secretary to Government of TamilNadu,
Chairman REEDA, President AMBU,
President PAALAM, President AKAM,
President Carrom Association TamilNadu,


Rev. Fr.Dr.G. Pushparaj, S.J.

Founder General Secretary,
Consortium of Christian Minority Higher Educational Institutions,
ST.Joseph's college.
Trichy - 620 002.

We gather that the members of Consortium of Christian Minority Higher Education    Institutions are getting together to discuss how post-matric scholarship (PMS) sanctioned to students of SCs and STs need not be made applicable to your institutions.(St.Joseph’s College Tiruchy on 25.05.2014)

The intention is preposterous and malignant to Christian faith. It appears that a mischievous propaganda is being systemically spread that Christian minority institutions have no bounden mission or any Christian compulsion to admit students from SC and ST communities, even if they belong to Christian faith or even to care about the scholarship extended by governments to them.

The obdurate adherence to minority privileges is being resorted to for excluding SCs and STs even though they belong to the same minorities. It is unchristian-like to say that Christian minority institutions have no responsibility, strategy or finances towards SC Christians.

Minority privileges should not be invoked to provide services to non-minority community candidates who are ready to fill your coffers at the cost of SC Christians. In other words Christian minority institutions should not play the sham game of excluding SC/ST Christians who form 60% to 80%of Christians in India.

The catholic stand taken by the Tamil Nadu Government nearly 37 years ago to extend the privileges of SCs also to minority Christian SC-converts  mocks at the stand that your consortium is about to take, particularly, to exclude SC Christians from minority purview. We strongly appeal to you to desist from entertaining any notions or practices of excluding SCs of any faith in general and SC Christians in particular. We also would like to remind you that, many of the SCs in general and SC Christian students in particular, through their genuine hard work, score higher marks than many others. 

For the limited purposes of the meeting of your consortium on 25/05/2014 at St. Joseph’s College, Thiruchirapally please prevail upon your institutions to admit not less than 40% to 50% SCs of any hues (SCs of Hindu, Christian, Sikhor Buddhist origin) at no cost. The scholarship that the government extends to every one of them (subject to income ceiling viz Rs 2.5 lakhs per annum for SCs and Rs.2 lakhs for SC Christians) is generous enough to run your institutions. Whatever more your institutions may require can and should be collected from the rest-whomsoever you deem fit to admit. If this ratio could not be followed there is no point in claiming yourselves to be charitable institutions supposedly working with the missionary zeal and based on the Gospel values that have been handed down to you by the Divine Person on the cross.

 DATED 23.05.2014


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