Friday, December 9, 2011


The interim stay order passed by the Hon.High court AGAINST THE SCHOOL APPOINTMENTS  OF CSI  MALABAR SCHOOL CORPORATE MANAGEMENT has been lifted(Case No-WP(C)28982/2011(S). This Public Interest Litigation suit was filed by one Mr.Sajan Mathew(own brother of the expelled manager Mr.C.M.Babu).He misled the Hon.Court by producing certain records which were handed over to him by the expelled manager(His own brother) and obtained the ex-parte stay. But by the Grace of God those records itself were more than enough to prove that Rev.Vinod Allen and Rev.Fen are innocents.We understand that the last executive committee has taken a decision to send this expelled manager  out from all elected posts and initiate criminal proceedings for cheating the people of NKD..

We congratulate The. Rev.Fenn(Diocesan Treasurer)and The.Rev.Vinod Allen(The Corporate Manager for All Schools in Malabar and Wayanad)for exposing the strangers who tried to mislead the Hon.High Court of Kerala and also made hardships to students,employees,parents and also to the poor candidates who are waiting for appointments in the management. 

We congratulate Adv.Kunhikrishnan Pulleri,the standing counsel of CSI Malabar schools corporate Management in the Hon.High Court of Kerala and Adv.Salil Narayanan who appeared for the teachers.

This verdict is an another hit to the people who try to sabotage the values of church democracy.

More details will be published in the least time.

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Anonymous said...

GOOD. Now, Manager can Appoint Teachers. Good.