Monday, July 2, 2012


The Government of Kerala has approved the appointment of the CSI North Kerala School Manager Rev.Vinod Allen by  dismissing the 'FOOLISH','CHILDISH' AND 'FRAUD' complaints submitted by Bishop Kuruvila.Jayachandra Herman alias Unni and THEIR Proxy one  Madhavan Nair.

The Manager was appointed by the Executive committee in the month of 'August 2011'.But for the first time in the history the so called bishop and his allies were sending number of sub-standard complaints and filed cases by using certain 'DEAD CHEQUES'. Persuaded SO MANY UNKNOWN PEOPLE TO SEND FOOLISH COMPLAINTS against the manager..They do not know where is 'CALICUT' and what 'CHURCH' AND  'SCHOOL MANAGEMENT' ARE !!!!!!!.The Govt.officials were wondered.They have no previous experiences like this. A bishop is sending proposal for approval on behalf of the church and he 'himself' sending childish complaints in the diocesan letter pad to the Govt.!!!!!

The funniest part is that the bishop was summoned by the Govt.for a hearing.He sent his then secretary to attend the hearing.When the Head of the Education department asked him about the complaint he told 'ARIYATHILLA'. what A SHAME TO THE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY!!!!!!!!.
Dozens of employees were struggling for salaries due to the delay in the approval for one year. Due to the Foolishness of the dull headed forces so many children were struggling for food and education. 
DO YOU WANT US TO RESPECT  THIS  EPISCOPACY????? THE BISHOP SAYS THAT NOBODY RESPECTS HIM.                                                                                                           DEAR READERS,This information is not against God or the episcopacy.                                                                                 NAKED TRUTH ONLY. 

please read the attached speaking order of the Govt.official. 
                                                                                                                                                           YOU BE THE BEST JUDGE. 


csipass puthiyara said...

This is a comment appeared in Facebook.
Mathew M Ninan. Let the persons suffered damage or loss on account of the foolishness and illegal acts of the so called Bishop and his men, file suit for malicious prosecution and suit for damages to be realiized from the concerned, if they are sure and can establish that such losses and damage and hardships were due to the illegalities committed or initiated by the concerned so that it will be a lesson for such evil doers and for the posterity. Adv. Mathew M Ninan

ebby,kochi said...

correct sir.The manager must file damage suit against madavan nair