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Rev.Dr.Oommen George- A SCAPE GOAT



Nibu Kuryan            

Rev.Dr.Oommen George- A SCAPE GOAT

Rev.Dr.Oommen George and his group was in Calicut on Saturday the 8th of this month as part of his election campaign for the Bishopric of NKD.He was giving a four page news letter titled"NKD Bishop Election Bulletin".This news letter is printed and published by Mr.Subhash Abel on behalf of Mahayidavaka Samrakshana Samithi,Calicut.The editor has made an attempt to whitewash the corruption,nepotism and partisan acts of the former Bishop and his group(The editor is one among them).He was appointed by the former Bishop as a guest teacher in the CSI Plus Two School,but was thrown out of job when regular appointments were made,because he did not have the required qualifications.He has levelled several allegations against Rev.B.N.Fenn,which I would like to comment upon

1.Thalikulam Land deal:-The entire deal was done by the former bishop and his close associates and the property which was sold for
2.71 crore was registered in favour of the buyer for 92 lakhs by the Bishop himself and Rev.B.N.Fenn who was the treasurer was threatened and forced to put his sign as the co-signatory by the mafia.Bishop is the first accused in the criminal case filed in the Chavakkad court.This issue was discussed at length in the last Diocesan Council and Rev.B.N.Fenn was re-elected as the Treasurer for an other term.The people of NKD know the antecedents and credibility of Rev.B.N.Fenn and we dont want an introduction by Rev.Dr.Oommen George.

2. Federal Bank Loan against Alwaye Shopping Complex:-The allegation is that Rev.Fenn took a loan of 40 lakhs by pledging the rent of Alwaye shopping complex without the permission of the Executive Committee.I was a member of the diocesan executive committee for the period from 2006-2010 and I can proclaim with full authority that the loan was taken with the permission of the executive committee and it was taken for the renovation and developmental works of CSI Mission Hospital Codacal.Rev.T.I. James,the present Synod Director was the Director of the hospital during that period and I am sure he will be able to explain more about this.

The clarification to the other allegations will be given in my future posts.The group is just aiming to tarnish the image of Rev.Fenn and the present leadership of NKD and the platform of the election campaigning is used to settle the scores.They did not find a person from NKD, who they could present before the people as their candidate.Hence they approached Rev.Dr.Oommen George.The group led by Bishop KPK is making Rev.Dr.Oommen George a scape goat and they very well know that he is not going to make it to the panel.Their only objective is to see that Rev.Fenn does not become the next Bishop of NKD."Pavam Oommen George achen ithu vellavum ariyunno".
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  • James Wesley Hunt Subash Abel is a stooge of the KPK Group. So let Rev Oommen omaniyi nadikathirikkatte!
  • Chacko Abraham Kunnathuparamban I have expressed my( our ) views very clearly in this forum. OK. We have given clear definition for 'Outsiders'. I am not repeating the same. Now the same 'outsiders' are ' invaders' are for us. Some of you may call it regionalism or something more than that. We won't mind. If you think the people in North Kerala Diocese is very narrow minded with 'regionalism' we will understand that you don't know 'anything or nothing' about this great Diocese. I trust you may aware about the past period of agony in this Diocese. At that crucial time what happened to this ' Outsiders' ? What was their contribution or crisis intervention of these so called people with great ' visionary' approach ? What is their views about that period ? reasons ? Who was primarily responsible for it ? What happened in January 2011, when Synod appointed an administrative committee. ? What happened in the following Diocesan Council elections ? OK. Forget it. Now what is the main agenda of these Outsiders' in this Diocese? What are their views on different issues ? Do you ever noticed election strategy of these people ? Why they tarnishing the elected Officers in the Diocese including Convener of Bishopric panel election ? What is their intention ?
  • Abraham Nedumparambill Abraham "SET A BEGGAR ON HORSEBACK, AND HE ' LL RIDE TO THE DEVIL"
  • Ti James Dear Nibu Nibu Kuryan, I would like to clarify point number 2.

    The Medical Board and the Finance Committee jointly met on March 4, 2009 and resolved the following decision.

    “Resolved that the Chairman, the Rt. Rev. Dr. K.P. Kuruvilla, Bishop & Attorney and the Rev. B.N . Fenn, Diocesan Treasurer & Attorney be and they are hereby authoirzed to take rent securitization loan for a period of 10 years of Rs. 40 lakhs from the Federal Bank, Aluva as rent for the premises rented out to them in the CSI Diamond Arcade at Aluva”

    It was also resolved to open a current account at Federal Bank, Tirur for the CSI Mission Hospital Codacal to be jointly operated by the Director, the Rev. T. I .James and the Medical Superintendent Dr. J. Periayan.

    Rent securitization Loan of ` 40,00,000.00 was availed in two instalments (Rs.1500000/- and Rs.2500000/-) with interest @ BPLR - 2%, presently 12.75% for Rs. 40,00,000 (or at such other rates as may be charged by the Bank from time to time in accordance with the Reserve Bank of India directives and/or the practice of the Bank.)

    The loan will be remitted as monthly rent due from the Federal Bank for the space occupied by them within the agreement period. The hospital has to repay the loan to the diocese.

    The resolution of the joint meeting of Medical board and Finance committee was approved by the next executive committee meeting.. This is just for clarification....
  • Chacko Abraham Kunnathuparamban That's very clear clarification by Jamesachan.
  • Abraham Nedumparambill Abraham Looking at the overall situation of NKD, it is sad to realize that the system has gone for a total rot : NOTHING SEEM TO WORK. I have even realized that the very Constitution that NKD redrafted and fostered is useless to save the NKD from a administrative standstill. What a system is this?

    Believe me, a new Bishop when he is elected, will not be able to do his Office well. The confusion and the hurt feelings created by the out gone Bishop is so much that it will take a hundred years to heal. Even with all this pain, why are so many good men like Rev. Fenn, opting to become the next Bishop? I am wondering as to why so many senior Clergies like to become the Bishop in these troubled times and sleep on a bed of nails?
  • Jaajvel Eattikkal P Abraham Nedumparambill Abraham As I mentioned in this forum, the Synod needs to make a unified constitution for dioceses, because office bearers of some of the individual diocese's misuse their constituion for their selfish needs. There may be opposition from various quarters, but it is the need of the hour...Surely the people of NKD is hurt and it reflects in their opinion, but from my viewpoint I think a good leader can win back the NKD and its people...because when the going gets tough the tough gets going..
  • Csipass Puthiyara The ex-bishop k.p.kuruvila supporters claim that the construction of few churches made because of the highness of the ex-bishop kuruvila.Who was the treasurer during that time.Rev.Fenn.How they can claim the whole credit!!!!! Their FOOLISH PROPAGANDA crosses the standard of a local society election.

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