Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Model Ballot Paper for the Election to the Bishopric Panel of NKD

2.Rev.Jacob Daniel
4.Rev.Dr.John Samuel Ponnusamy
6.Rev.Leslie Vinod Padiyangaden
7.Rev.Dr.Malhia Joshua
8.Rev.Mathunni Joseph
9.Rev.Oommen George

This is the chronological order of the names of the candidates that will appear in the ballot paper for the Election to the Bishopric Panel of NKD on the 9th of January 2013 at C.S.I.Cathedral,Calicut.The campaigning has gained momentum and Rev.Fenn and his team have completed two rounds of campaigning and they are starting their third round tomorrow from Calicut.The campaigning of Rev.Dr.Oommen George and his group is on a low profile and they are not getting the much needed acceptance from the council members.The major draw back and dis-advantage is his non-proximity with the council members and Presbyters of NKD and he is being treated as an alien.On the other hand Rev.B.N.Fenn is receiving acceptance among the various congregations and he is considered as one among them.There are confirmed reports that Rev.Malhia Joshua has much acceptance among the members of the NKD than Rev.Dr.Oommen George,since he is a member of St.Johns Church,Alwaye and he was the Head of the Chaplaincy Department of CMC,Vellore and hence he has direct contact with many Presbyters and council members..As I had mentioned in my earlier posts,exercise your franchise very carefully.A wrong decision might be fatal,you may not be able to correct it and it will ruin the Diocese.So Elect the right person to the Bishopric Panel and don't elect any one put up by the group which supported Bishop KPK.Just bear in mind the problems they created during the last 3 years.PRAY AND MEDITATE,GOD WILL ENABLE YOU TO MAKE THE RIGHT SELECTION.GOD IS GREAT AND HE WILL NEVER ALLOW ANY INTRUDERS.

Is there a split in Rev.Dr.Oommen George's Camp

As the campaigning is gaining momentum,some people who were very active and were considered as the whistle blowers of the former Bishop KPK are not seen with Rev.Dr.Oommen George.These people mainly from the Central Malabar and Wayanad Districts of the NKD were the kingpins behind many controversial decisions taken by the former Bishop and they were holding key positions in the previous regime.There absence from the election scenario is very suspicious and glaring. The general feeling among the Presbyters and the council members are that there is some serious issue among the supporters of Rev.Dr.Oommen George and it is this difference of opinion that prompted them to nominate Rev.Dr.Mani Chacko.But unfortunately he was not willing to contest and hence this group decided not to support Rev.Dr.Oommen George and kept away from his campaigning.

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