Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How can we tolerate?You better judge.

2 hours ago 

All arrangements are being done to dedicate the new DEVIKULAM CSI church by the Bishop Rev. B.N. Fenn on 29th September 2013 but a retired pastor Mr. Ponniyan who does not have any qualification to become a reverent and filed case against the diocese over his salary, conducted a dedication service on 22nd September 2013 by trespassing into the new church just a week before. The secretary of the pastorate Mr. Christopher Raj is cutting ribbon along with his family and friends. What a pity?

Dear Readers,

This photo appeared in the 'Facebook' today.Details posted by Mr.Jacob Rejinald,who is a church 

member from Munnar area.He is an Evangelist also.

We humbly request all our readers to judge yourselves and respond.

How can we tolerate this??

csipass workers.Puthiyara,Calicut.

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jacobreginald said...

All these people who are in the picture and also other who took part in the illegal function should be asked to apologize unconditiionally for their activities. Appropriate action as decided by the executive should be initiated at the very earliest. There should not be any delay on the part of the diocese.