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HISTORY OF OUR SCHOOLS-01 BEMHSS.Parappanangadi,Malappuram

BEM Higher Secondary School (Basel Evangelical Mission Higher Secondary School (Previously High School)), Parappanangadi is located at Parappanangadi village in Malappuram district, Kerala, India. It is the oldest school in this region. The institution came into existence as a primary school in 1904 to cater to the largely uneducated masses of the locality. The Basel Evangelical Mission, which started its missionary work in South India in 1839, was instrumental in giving new dimensions to education in Malabar.

By 1910, the school was known as B.G.M. (Basel German Mission) Elementary School. The local people were actively involved in the development of the institution. Cheramangalam Mana contributed about four acres of land for the school playground. In the mid-1940s, the Parappanangadi High School committee handed over the school allotted to it by the then Madras Government to the Basel Evangelical Mission, thus enabling the local children to have higher education in the town itself.

The school was renamed B.E.M. High School in 1947. Now, the school is under the control of the Church of South India Corporate Management (Malabar and Wayanad).

In olden days, boys and girls used to walk eight to 10 kilometres from places such as Thirurangadi, Vengara and Vallikunnu to reach the school. The school has actively promoted sports and games for boys and girls. It has won several trophies in football, volleyball, athletics, ball badminton, handball, throw ball and softball at the district and State levels[citation needed]. It is situated behind Parappanangadi Railway Station

Its alumni include many famous personalities around the society. In 2007, BEM High School celebrated its centenary anniversary[citation needed]. The Kerala State Government has approved a Higher secondary division for BEM High School from the year 2010. It is now known as BEM Higher Secondary School, Parappanangadi. The Education Minister of Kerala, P. K. Abdu Rabb is an alumnus of this school.

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