Monday, November 28, 2011


BREAKING NEWS. The Hon.High Court of Kerala prevented the illegal appointment of the daughter of Mr.C.M .Babu(The removed manager of All CSI Schools in Malabar and Wayanad).He appointed his own daughter by bypassing the die in hareness(aasritha niyamanam) right of a poor man who is waiting for this job for long time.He made this appointment disobeying the strict instruction of the Diocesan Authorities and the executive committee.This is a lesson to the people those who disobey the Laws of the Land.His own brother Mr.Sajan Mathew has filed case(public interest litigation) against the Bishop and the newly appointed corporate manager the Rev.Vinod Allen in the Hon.High Of Kerala alleging ridiculous reasons and obtained a temporary stay for new appointments.The court has passed the stay order without hearing the version of the management and bishop(ex-parte stay).This week this case comes for hearing.Let us see how the brother of the above said expelled manager suddenly had public interest in our school matters.He never had any interest when his brother was in the office. All the public and private interests came out together immediately after the removal of his  own brother.Please pray for our corporate management and also for its employees.
This removed manager had filed a case against the appointment letter of the bishop appointing the newly elected manager as per the unanimous decision of the executive committee.This case was dismissed with costs in favor of the new manager Rev..Vinod Allen.unfortunately our bishop did not defend this case even though it was a challenge to his own order.
We congratulate our standing counsel Adv.Kunhikrishnan Pulleri.
The management was a pathetic failure in all court cases before The .Rev.Vinod Allen assumed charges.

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Ebby,Marad,Cochin said...

Very Happy to read.I appreciate the church members from calicut hitting the bishop for his inhuman actions and false prestige.
special thanks to the advocate.sir,you have done a wonderful job