Monday, October 22, 2012


As you know our Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. K. P. Kuruvilla was hospitalized and after ’Angioplasty’ he has left for Trivandrum for taking rest. As our Bishop is the only co-signatory for all financial transactions, the financial transactions have been held up.  As usual   the Children’s Home and community Development Projects  supported by KNH, EMS, CBV, MOM and others are ultimate victims.
In our Diocese, they used to transfer funds to these Homes and Projects as per the monthly indent, submitted along with last month’s financial statement. They have lot of difficulties due to non transfer of funds to these Children’s boarding Homes and various Projects. For instance a Child is admitted at Jubilee Mission Hospital, (where our Bishop is admitted) from Bethel Girls’ KNH Home Trichur, due to acute stomach ache and found ‘Appendicitis’.  Later Doctors advised very immediate ‘Appendisectomy’ and that was only remedy. The only Orthopedically handicapped Lady Warden had very tough time to find enough cash for that. During the past also they had faced this kind of instants. Some Homes have to transfer funds to other Hostels of Colleges / institutions even in other states, where our Children study.
Whenever crisis arises  HOMES  are the ultimate looser, since our Children’s Homes/ Projects are receiving grants from the Diocese in monthly basis.
At this juncture we request  to all the officers in the SYNOD and our Diocesan officials  to find an alternative to address this crisis.

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